What to Expect at the Summit


What to Expect at the Summit

What distinguishes the ASBC National Summit from any other gathering? Thanks for asking.

First, there is no artifice or ivory-tower speechifying. Instead, you’ll participate in a shared experience of thinking through issues and offering insights about how to build a more sustainable, just economy. The Summit brings together an unusual cross-section of thinkers and doers on the right and left for conversations that are practical and values-based. These conversations range from national, state and local policy issues to socioeconomic challenges and cultural trends. Our goal is to foster change in how our economy works.

Everyone present – whether a business leader, activist, economist or elected official – is an active contributor in figuring out what reforms will Make Capitalism Work For All.

Second, the Summit is about turning powerful, business-proven ideas into better public policy. In contrast to unsustainable and anti-competitive laws and regulations now influencing our economy. Summit attendees offer everyday proof that many business ideas can be good for all stakeholders. They’re already engaged in making capitalism work for all – and the Summit is where we share those ideas and seek to influence the thinking of policymakers and other high-impact players. In Summit sessions and small group meetings on Capitol Hill, ASBC convenes D’s, I’s and R’s for constructive discussions, even when there is disagreement.

Third, the Summit is inspiring, interesting and just plain fun. Running a business or organization is hard work, and doing it to create change is even more challenging. Sometimes, even the most dedicated, responsible business, civic and non-profit leaders feel marooned in their business sectors or local environments. But when we get together at the Summit, that changes. And, it’s fun!

As we network in seminars and social events or participate in Capitol Hill meetings, we’re forming bonds with other sustainably oriented business and civic leaders from around the country. ASBC has fostered these supportive relationships since our first national Summit in 2011, and we’re proud to hear how much it matters.

When you’re in good company, everything is possible. Join us and see for yourself fellow business leaders and elected officials.